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A Collaborative Forest Fire Fighting Simulation Tool

This tool has been designed for French Civilian Defense. It enables training and validation for different commandments levels. It's targeted at forest fire fighting exercises.

Two persons built it : Emmanuel Vaucher (Geographic databases, VRML vehicules and furniture designs) and Eric Maranne (software dev, VRML content , terrain design, and html writer ...)

Part I : The Playground

Part II : The Software

Part II : The Vehicules

Part IV : Some Action

Part V : The physical installation

More information and more screenshots : PDF Doc

Special acknowledgement to Eric Turpin for it's virtual flight knowledge, to Col. Martin for his stubborness, to Col.Casanova for his insight and to François for the coffee.

Many thanks for all the beta testers who crashed in their planes, burned in their vehicules, got trapped in triangles pits, fell in ground holes, got lost in smoke or were abruptly rocketted at the end of the universe and apologies for all the burned houses, trains, buses, trees, horses, etc ...

Links : : all you ever want to know about VRML and X3D. : completely independant from this site, but the aims are the same : Geography is just another attempt at Virtual Reality, and there can't really be Virtual Reality without Geography in mind. Think about it and point your browser to this link, *lots* of stuff down there. : *The* VRML company. A complete gear for VRML developpers and content writers. Home of *The* free Cortona VRML plugin. And home of my main VRML tool : VRMLPAD, *the* very essential tool. Home of skilled, very helpfull and kind support people too.

Bye bye, and thanks for all the fish.